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UFO, Forbidden Archaeology, Science & Consciousness

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CITD 2021 Launches In...

“The Woodstock of UFOlogy is a weekend of education into the Science of UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life”

The Woodstock of UFO Conferences

Dr. Abraham "Avi" Loeb

Contact in the Desert is taking the new direction

We are making science and research our focus, and bringing in top scientists and researchers from all over the world! Follow us on social media for all our latest updates and interviews. We’re going to be revealing new information from your favorite speakers and introducing you to many new faces.

Currently In Progress

2021 Speaker Line-Up

  • Dr. Abraham "Avi" Loeb

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  • Adam Apollo

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  • Alan Steinfeld

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  • Alexis Brooks

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  • Andrew Collins

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  • Anthony Peake

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  • Barbara Lindsey

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  • Bill Homann & Carole Davis

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  • Billy Carson

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  • Brad Olsen

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  • Brien Foerster

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  • Caroline Cory

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We recommend purchasing the books of our lecturers, as they have become bestsellers around the world.