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  • Adventures Unlimited

    We are publishers and distributors of books and DVDs on such topics as UFOs, Extraterrestrials, Nikola Tesla, Anti-Gravity, Conspiracies, Atlantis, Lost Cities, Cryptozoology, Ancient Technology and much more.
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  • Keith A. Seland - Ufology Research Writer & Historian

    Keith Seland is a Ufology research writer and historian. His books in 'The Humaniverse Guide' series provide the reader an educational perspective into the world of unexplained UAP phenomena and the theory of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI). Keith advocates for both more expansive and dedicated multidisciplinary research study and an initiation of a plan design for when an inevitable meaningful first contact, enduring global acknowledgement (EGA) and enduring global relationship (EGR) with intelligent people from outside Erath, takes place. Keith also shows how work on this plan design will also help fix the fractured, disconnected nature of our human condition and relationships with ourselves, our Earth (Biosphere I) and the cosmos.
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  • Sacred Pendants

    We have been distributors of aesthetically beautiful energized handmade Sacred Geometry pendants for over ten years. They come with a choice of one of five different semi-precious gemstones.
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